If you thought the first year of Lego Dimensions brought together more characters and franchises than you thought humanly possible, wait until you get a load of what TT Games has in store for 2016. The first official trailer for Lego Dimensions: Year Two (my titling, not theirs) arrived today and with it came a wealth of unexpected surprises. Yes, Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle are back again, but the portal has opened in new worlds featuring Harry Potter, Teen Titans Go, Adventure Time, the A-Team, Goonies, Gremlins, the Powerpuff Girls and like a bajillion others. Lego is not playing around.

What's more, every single new set is 100% compatible with everything that's already been released. You know what that means? You can have BA Baracus drive the Mystery Machine. You can have the Joker and Voldemort fight over who has a pastier complexion. You can have Beast Boy and Mowgli take down Beetlejuice. Dogs and cats living together; mass hysteria!

All told, 16 brand-new franchises are joining up with the existing crop of Lego Dimensions sets, figures and add-ons. The largest set kicking things off will be the Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack, which is a massive set that incorporates six levels into the game, but also allows you to build the group's Chinese restaurant headquarters on top of the existing Gateway. The upcoming releases won't require any new input portals, but this sounds like an interesting way to customize your Lego Dimensions portal. A second story pack for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Fiind Them will be out over the winter holiday, and Lego Dimensions will offer the only construction set for the film in 2016.

Adventure Time, Mission: Impossible, Harry Potter and the A-Team will all join Ghostbusters this September, while the remaining offerings like ET the Extraterrestrial, Knight Rider, Lego City Undercover, Sonic the Hedgehog, and those named earlier, will slowly roll out over the following months. A set for The Lego Batman Movie is also planned, but since that movie is not out until 2017, it'll likely be a while until we see those bricks.

Though all the new additions will work in conjunction with the existing library of goods, Year Two's offerings will bring the Battle Arena along with them. This multiplayer mode allows for up to four players at once, though there's little information about just what's in store in these arenas. Perhaps we'll learn more next week at E3. Likewise, we don't have any official imagery of the upcoming figures or sets just yet, but that's likely to change soon. Some leaks are floating around the web if you are curious though.

Lego Dimensions: Year Two begins on Sept. 27, with continuing support throughout next summer.

Update: We got some official imagery coming in now, and we can share the Harry Potter Team Pack with you today.


Lego/TT Games
Lego/TT Games

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