Getting a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us was always highly likely after the first game had such tremendous success. Following in the footsteps of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, NetherRealm's Injustice took the familiar faces of DC Comics and put its unique twist on them, pitting the world against Superman's tyranny. If you finished the story mode, you'd know heroes like Batman finally locked Superman up in a Red Sun prison... but there are those that wish to see the Kryptonian regime restored. That's where Injustice 2 picks up.

Of course, there's a new threat looming over Earth as well, but NetherRealm is mum on just who or what it may be. Hey, you can't spill all the beans in a reveal trailer. What you can reveal though is a strong cinematic that reveals not just which characters will be returning, but what NetherRealm has in store for the game's mechanics to make it stand out from the previous entry.

As this is merely an announcement trailer, there's no actual gameplay present. While we'd all love a fighting game that looked this good once punches start getting thrown, we're just not quite there yet. Still, the cinematic scene looks good, particularly once the new Gear abilities start cropping up. Being superpowered wasn't enough for the likes of Flash and Aquaman. Now NetherRealm is taking a bit of inspiration from Kenner's Total Justice, and loading up the heroes and villains of Injustice's world with customizable armor.

While the exact details aren't quite clear just yet, Injustice 2 will introduce loot drops which offer you new gear to equip on characters. It's a little murky as to what this gear will offer beyond cosmetic changes, but NetherRealm has hinted that it will let you customize not just the look of characters but your personal strategies as well. That seems to indicate shoulder pads or boots will give some kind of boost, even if we don't quite know what that is at the moment. Still, if there was anything NetherRealm could have done to get me more interested, it was give all the DC characters in the game armor that looks like it came straight from the Grid.

For the most part, the trailer sticks to known characters from the first game, but it does tease Supergirl joining the fray at the end. If this trailer is to be believed, she'll be working against her cousin, which should prove to be an interesting dynamic in the narrative. Not seen in the trailer but also confirmed for Injustice 2's roster are Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lanterns, and Gorilla Grodd, who is a very large, very smart gorilla.

Injustice 2 will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2017. We should learn more about this sequel next week at E3.

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