We've seen Hulk Hands, Thing Hands and even a Rocket Raccoon mask, but Hasbro's San Diego Comic-Con International 2014 offerings will outfit fan hands in a straight up Infinity Gauntlet. The legendary jeweled glove (or a foam facsimile, anway) is part of a special $74.99 box set that includes 3.75" figures of Nebula, Starfox, Thanos and his unrequited love Mistress Death. The cosmic theme continues with a box set based on The Thanos Imperative comic book storyline that includes 6" Marvel Infinite scale takes on Black Bolt, Medusa, Gladiator, Blastaar and Star-Lord for $99.99.

Though both action figure sets are comics-centric, their timing is no coincidence as Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy movie opens a few weeks after SDCC concludes. The Infinity Gauntlet has been popping up in Marvel movies since Thor in 2011 and is expected to play a major role in an eventual movie. For now, though, fans can satisfy reliving Jim Starlin, George Pérez and Ron Lim's iconic 1991 Infinity Gauntlet Marvel Comics miniseries and associated storylines with a big, squishy glove. The toy version doesn't seem to come with conductive fingertip pads, though, so you'll just have to take a break from your smartphone while warping reality. Such is the nature of cosmic power.

In the event that you can't trek to SDCC 2014 to pick these sets up, unsold inventory will be available through Hasbro's online store after the show.

You can see the first of Hasbro's SDCC 2014 Marvel offerings below.


3.75" The Infinity Gauntlet Box Set

6" Marvel Legends Infinite The Thanos Imperative Box Set


[Via USA Today]