Hasbro teased Jem and the Holograms fans something fierce this past fall at NYCC with a massive display showcasing the 1985-1988 animated series' toy line in all its former glory while clearly stating that they didn't necessarily have plans to revive it. The time for totally outrageous teasing is over, however, with Hasbro and Integrity Toys announcing a brand new line of Jem collectible fashion dolls with the first to be released at San Diego Comic-Con International. The first figure in the line, "Hollywood Jem," will stand 12" tall and come outfitted with rooted hair, appropriate Jem attire like a shoulder pad-ified jacket, a microphone and stand, plus an official display base and a certificate of authenticity. This first doll in the ongoing line can be picked up for $125 at the Hasbro Booth #3329 and later at Hasbro's online toy shop (if CA's own Chris Sims doesn't buy them all for himself, anyway) You can peep the first full preview images of Hollywood Jem after the cut.

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