Do you like the idea of superjails? Not massive incarceration systems in the real world; the kind that host the worst of the worst supervillains in comic books. If the answer is "yes," then boy do we have the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive for you. Next week, Hasbro will offer up a box set of 6" Marvel Legends themed around characters imprisoned in one of Marvel's most infamous hoosegows, The Raft. Six figures will be included, though only five would actually qualify as big bads... with the final figure mostly being a nuisance for J. Jonah Jameson.

Spider-Man's been busy this year, particularly with the Marvel Legends brand. Peter's already seen a handful of figures release in different forms through his waves of the Hasbro figure series, but he'll be appearing here yet again. If this year wasn't already packed with so many, it might not be such a letdown --- there are dozens of other heroes that could have been included in a set like this, particularly given the villain roster --- but he's been so populous, you have to wonder why he's back again. That said, the villains are excellent choices for an exclusive like this.

Another of Thor's most famous foes gets an invite again, this time with Enchantress taking the stage. Last year's Hela in the Book of Vishanti box set was s stunner, and it looks like Enchantress here will be another solid effort. She doesn't quite have the same presence in action figure form as Hela, but few characters do. The paint app and the sculpt look promising though.

Recent Netflix star the Purple Man gets a shot this time around as well. I'm not a big fan of characters in plain clothes, but that's Purple Man's deal. With that in mind, the figure doesn't look bad. It's just not something I'd ever seek out as part of a Legends retail wave. Makes sense to include someone like him here as well, as he's guaranteed to move as part of a set, and not warm pegs at your local toy shop.

Abomination's inclusion is almost as curious as Spider-Man's, given that Emil Blonsky will be the build-a-figure for this year's next Captain America Legends wave. The paint app is a bit different here, but the build is identical. It's an impressive figure regardless of its potential repetition in your collection, though like Spider-Man, there are a number of unseen characters that could have taken his place.

Dreadknight is one of those characters you think will never get a chance, and then Hasbro goes and sneaks him out into an SDCC box set. Thumbs up on the figure, even though it's been a hot minute since anyone has even thought to wonder where Dreadknight has been. His being a part of the set does add some diversity to the roster in the sense that each villain is a foil for a different hero. Spider-Man may be the good guy, but Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Jessica Jones can all claim responsibility for the rest.

Save for Sandman of course. The tan-colored version gives the impression the character is in his sandy form, and also hints that a human version may be coming in a later Spider-Man wave. Would it have been nice to get some accessories for the guy like a sand hammer hand? Yeah. It's still nice to see him though, as his arrival gets us that much closer to being able to fill out the Marvel Legends Sinister Six.

The Marvel Legends Raft Box Set will set you back $119.99 and will be available at Hasbro's booth (#3329) during SDCC. It will also be available for a short time afterwards on Hasbro Toy Shop and at Fan Expo Canada this fall.