Hellen Jo not only makes killer Scott Pilgrim posters; she also makes some sweet comics that you can read over on Jordan Crane's What Things Do site. If any of that is to your liking, you'll probably also be able to get into some of her other wild pieces of art. In addition to loving Korean pop stars, she also seems to like drawing young ladies who keep slightly inhuman companions around.

Her Crash and the Boys poster, along with some portraits of hip young women chilling with short, beaked males and tiger-headed melting fellows appear in the feed over on her blog on Helllllen.org. Her fluid compositions and lofting, smokey, occasionally fleshy garnishes can be a little disturbing sometimes, but she's got a kind of Audrey Kawasaki meets Michel Fiffe look to her style keeps things fresh, light and entertainingly creepy.

Lay your eyes on a few of our favorite examples below and see if you don't agree.

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