In her 40 years as a global icon, Hello Kitty has been involved in some pretty strange business ventures. That's probably why her reach in the market goes far beyond just stuffed animals and pencil cases and into stuff like a rocket fist-firing robot, that toaster that burns her face into your bread and the theme park attraction where she leads Noah (of Ark-building fame) back from "the far edge of the galaxy" in a parade of animals. This week, though, her latest business venture was announced, and it's teaming up with New Japan Pro Wrestling for a line of merchandise.

It seems the world is finally reshaping itself according to what I want. Check out the t-shirts below!







I've been wanting a New Japan t-shirt for a while (mostly because the standard model declares NJPW to be KING OF SPORTS), but the Hello Kitty crossover merchandise, announced on New Japan's Facebook page along with their upcoming events, have pushed that want into a need. Seriously, if this continues to its logical conclusion of an animated short where Kitty has to enter the ring and teach the NJPW lion mascot about the true meaning of friendship, I will know for a fact that there is goodness and light in this cruel world of ours.

Incidentally, the gentleman modeling the shirt above (the one that is not in a suit or a gigantic anthropomorphic cat) is New Japan star Tanahashi Hiroshi, a six-time IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and the current IWGP Intercontinental Champion, best known for celebrating his victories with an elaborate air guitar performance and being super into Kamen Rider. Here he is with Kamen Rider V3 and the Kamen Rider Girls, an all-girl pop group who singtokusatsu themed songs about jumpkicks with names like "The Heart'sHenshin Belt."



Basically what I'm saying here is that, having met Hello Kitty, Tanahashi is officially living my ideal life.

No word on whether the NJPW x Hello Kitty merchandise will be available in America, but rest assured that we'll keep you posted.