Sanrio's Hello Kitty and Bandai's long-running die-cast Chogokin toy line are both turning 40 next year, so they're commemorating the occasion the only way that makes sense: teaming up for a righteous Hello Kitty mech action figure that, among other things, shoots rocket fists like Mazinger Z.

Set for release in June of 2014 for 4,400 yen (approximately $45 USD), the Hello Kitty Chogokin Robot will stand roughly 4" tall and come with a cockpit fitted for a .9" tall mini Hello Kitty pilot figure. Like any mech worth its weight in die-cast and plastic parts, HK's ride can transform between several different modes: Flight Mode, Underwater Mode, Walking Mode, Normal Mode and Angry Mode. Transitioning between modes looks to be relatively (elegantly?) simple and involve moving the heroine's trademark bow around or bending its limbs to unleash wheels and other mechanics.

This Chogokin news follows the announcement of a Hello Kitty Revoltech figure from a few weeks back, making it a pretty fine time to fancy action figures based on Sanrio's famous feline. It's currently available for preorder for $43 at Entertainment Earth.

You can see all of Bandai's promo photos for the upcoming Hello Kitty Chogokin Robot below.



[Via Tamashii]