If you've ever wanted to contribute to The Hero Initiative -- the comic book industry's non-profit group supporting comics creators in dire need of medical or financial support -- but haven't been able to, it's about to get a lot easier. Los Angeles-based BOOM! Studios and the Hero Initiative have partnered with four grocery store chains throughout the Southwestern United States to arrange for donations to be made every time you shop at those stores with their respective rewards cards. Now you can help the comics industry's veterans without spending anymore than you normally would on the weekly groceries.With the American economy being so depressed/recessed these days, it's harder than ever for ordinary people to make financial sacrifices in the name of charity. That's why this new BOOM!/Hero campaign is so important, because comic book fans can still support the industry's professionals-in-need without spending a dime more than they normally would on themselves. It's just a matter of logging on to your participating grocer's website and pointing your rewards card to the appropriate charity.

You can check out Boom!'s official press release for official instructions on how you can help.

[Via Robot 6

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