Further proof that neither rock nor love ever truly fade away, Los Angeles curators La Luz de Jesus Gallery hosted Igloo Tornado members Tom Neely, Gin Stevens, Scot Nobles and Levon Jihanian this past Friday in conjunction with an art exhibit and book signing for Henry & Glenn Forever, the satirical comic that centers around an imaginary romantic relationship between Henry Rollins (Black Flag) and Glenn Danzig (Misfits).

The exhibit featured pieces from the original creative team, as well as other notable artists like Coop, Johnny Ryan, and more. Check out some of our favorites after the jump, which range from parodies of Batman and Star Wars to photo-realistic depictions of the infamous rockstars.

Tom Neely's parody of a Detective Comics cover featuring Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig as Batman and Robin.

Tom Neely's parody of a Betty and Veronica comic cover with Henry as Betty and Glenn as Veronica. Or, you know, the other way around. Special guests John Oates as Jughead and Daryl Hall as Archie!

Tom Neely's parody of The Savage Sword of Conan with Glenn Danzig as Conan and Henry Rollins as the maiden in distress.

Famous low-brow artist Coop's tribute drawing, featuring Glenn Danzig as Conan and Henry Rollins as the mighty steed, inspired by Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer painting.

Ed Luce's depiction of Henry and Glenn with their beautiful cats.

Ed Luce celebrates one of the pivotal moments of Henry and Glenn's relationship. And with that answer, the lucky couple got to spend five days and four nights in magical Honolulu, Hawaii!

Johnny Ryan whips it good with this Devo-themed take on the cover of Henry and Glenn Forever.

Eric Yahnker's striking piece, hilariously inspired by a scene from the classic film La Dolce Vita.

Contemporary artist Scot Noble invokes graffiti artist Banksy in his contribution to the show. Hope Mr. Brainwash doesn't find out!

Levon Jihanian goes there in his Star Wars inspired creation. Does this mean Danzig is the Jar Jar Binks of rock?

[Via The Beat]

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