Holidays: It's Memorial Day in the United States today. We hope you had a great weekend (and a good day off today, if you're observing the holiday). [Dan Hipp]

Opinion: Mark Waid discusses the positive effects that file sharing have had on his new Thrillbent digital effort, and what it might mean for other creators. [Mark Waid]

Auctions: A substantial Silver Age Marvel run, as well as a "Shamus Modern Masterworks" collection consisting of '90s era Todd McFarlane work and other items will soon be up for bidding via Heritage Auctions. [ICv2]

Hollywood: Apparently Glenn Danzig was up for a Wolverine movie role at one point. According to the musician his take would've been "less gay" than Hugh Jackman's... ?! [LA Weekly]

Celebrities: David Hasselhoff is happy for Samuel L. Jackson in his new Nick Fury role, and wouldn't mind playing his brother, Dick Fury. I am only sort of taking this all out of context, I swear. [Movieline]

Comic Strips: CBS This Morning interviews Tom Batiuk about his current Funky Winkerbean storyline about two gay highschool students attending the prom together. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Video: Thecussingchanel performs some supercuttery on The Dark Knight for a "Just the Joker" vid that will delight you. [ToplessRobot]

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