Movies: New promo art for The Avengers movie situates the team in some action poses. [TDB]

Anime: A judge has ruled that 4Kids still has the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime rights in America... for now. [ANN]

Digital: Robot 6 has posted the entire first issue of Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins' Pinocchio Vampire Slayer: Of Wood and Blood. [Robot 6]

Robots: There's a talking "voice robot" in Japan that is perhaps the most horrifying machine you will see/hear this year. [Crunchyroll]

Cosplay: Harrison Krix has forged some awesome long fall boots from the Portal universe. [Super Punch]

Appliances: The Atomic Lounge is currently sold out of these Batman-like ceiling fan blades, but they're still fun to admire. Probably best to keep ceiling fans away from actual bats or batcaves, though. [Neatorama]

Fashion: Cufflinks Inc. has some new Star Wars themed items to fasten to your sleeves, if you feel like putting down a few credits. [BBTS]

Video: In case you were wondering, Henry Rollins hasn't yet peeked inside of Tom Neely's Henry and Glenn Forever romance comic. [The Beat]

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