Ahead of next week's first "official" trailer for 2013's Man of Steel, another image of Henry Cavill as Superman has appeared online and... Oh my God, what are those things on his arms?!?

The photo comes from the cover of Studio Ciné Live, and reveals the previously more obscured sleeve design for the new cinematic version of Superman's costume that looks somewhat like he's wearing wrist gauntlets (They were visible in initial images and the teaser poster released earlier this week, but you might've been forgiven for thinking they were more subtle, or even a part of his handcuffs). First they take away his red briefs, now they do this...?

Aside from the prominent wrist gauntlet look, the other thing that stands out the most in this image is Cavill's similarity to television Superboy Gerard Christopher - No, wait; I mean, the color of the shield emblem. Other images have made the costume's colors overall seem somewhat washed out, but this pic almost makes the background to the red S look black, not yellow at all... Shades of Kingdom Come, perhaps...? Or maybe it's just bad lighting?

Man of Steel is released June 2013; the first trailer will be released next week to accompany The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

[Via MTV]