We've haven't exactly been experiencing a shortage of Green Lantern posters in the last year, particularly with the new film coming out in a few months. Nevertheless, a France-based deviantART user named Herobaka (a.k.a. "Kevin") has rendered one more in a series of flashy DC superhero pin-ups.
Any of these posters could pass for animated DVD promos. They look slightly inspired by DC animation styles of the past, perhaps with a soft kiss from Darwyn Cooke's "New Frontier." His figures are a bit more fully formed, though, and he's sprinkled a smattering of Marvel faces into his portfolio to keep things interesting.

You'll see one of the bloodiest Wolverine sketches to ever cut its way out of a page after the jump, along with some fine Rorschach and Captain America artwork. You may want to wear a poncho while scoping out Logan, though. He really lets the red stuff fly.

[Via Geek-Art]