NECA and Wizkids' HeroClix game has been a staple at comic shops and gaming stores for years, but that doesn't mean the brand is resting on its miniature figure laurels, having spent the better part of 2011 expanding the game into the digital space with HeroClix Online. This October NECA's Icarus Studios will fuse aspects of the game's physical and digital aspects with the HeroClix TabApp for the iPad, which turns the tablet into what they're calling a "digital game board" that players can top with special TabApp figures. Starting from a Marvel-themed line of a dozen TabApp figures, the app is eventually planned to encompass other HC brands. Essentially, each individual figure can be placed (one at a time) on the iPad's screen, unlocking special levels and combat opportunities with virtual villains on screen. The app itself will be free, with figures retailing for a currently unspecified amount.According to the HeroClix TabApp's official list of features, the game will include:

-One dozen physical super hero miniatures

-50+ virtual enemy figures

-Over two dozen digital maps

-Real-time combat

Over at the official HeroClix TabApp site you can currently spy what seem to be the game's virtual characters. It's a pretty bright and cartoony take on Captain America, Iron Man and Cyclops that's kind of a stylistic bridge between something like Gazillion's Super Hero Squad Online and HeroClix Online's current look.

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