It looks like Play Imaginative isn't the only Hong Kong toymaker putting a die-cast spin on DC Comics heroes. 86 Hero is releasing cute 5.5" tall takes on Batman and Superman soon as part of its Hybrid Metal Figures line. Both die-cast/plastic hybrid figures will sport 20 points of articulation, along with LED light-up eyes. Superman is expected to arrive in November for around $90, with Batman arriving one month later in December for around $100.

The price tag seems to reflect just how many accessories the toys come with. Superman comes packed with 4 swappable hands, a posable cloak and a display stand that can simulate flying. Supes' LED eyes are of the heat vision variety. Batman comes with more crime solve-y LED eyes that I'm personally going to consider them "Detective Mode" optics like in the Arkham games, along with a similarly shining LED Bat-Signal. Batman also comes with 5 interchangable hands, a batarang and both fixed and posable cloaks.

Check out 86 Hero's Hybrid Metal Figure series Superman and Batman action figures below.



[Via Herocross]