Some heroes don't fade away. They just get canned.

Spinoff Online reported yesterday that NBC was leaning towards ending its superhero drama "Heroes" with a proper final season but now just may pull the plug entirely. Low ratings and low confidence have been plaguing the series for some time now and this might be a bum horse that just needs to be shot. In the even that NBC doesn't renew it for a new and final season, storylines may be wrapped up with a special TV-movie, since that strategy has always worked in the past. And by "always", I mean "rarely."

But don't worry, folks! Human Target, the show that's actually (at least loosely) based on a pre-existing comic and isn't just trying to emulate them, has been renewed for a second season. There was also talk that either "Lie to Me" or "Human Target" would be axed (which worried me since I enjoy both shows), but it turns out each will be coming back for a 13-episode season.So Christopher Chance and his crew will be back on Fox next year, ready to pull off insane stunts with a sarcastic remark and a smile. In fact, there might be MORE banter than ever before since Matt Miller of "Chuck" is taking over as showrunner. Former showrunner Jonathan Steinberg will remain as an executive producer.

Now if only they can arrange a "Smallville"/"Human Target" crossover. THAT would get people talking.

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