A few short weeks ago, the world gathered in celebration at NBC’s suggestion that Heroes Reborn might represent the franchise’s end, with no plans to continue any subsequent seasons. Now, millions of voices suddenly cry out in terror, as creator Tim Kring threatens a “future volume” of Heroes, with NBC’s support.

Both Kring and NBC head Bob Greenblatt provided statements to TVInsider in advance of tonight’s Reborn finale (Yes, it’s still airing. Really!), attempting to clarify that they’d always designed the the Heroes revival as a one-and-done event. That said, both remain adamant of leaving the door open for another return, were the future not bleak enough as is:

Says Kring:

I know word has been circulating that Heroes Reborn has been ‘canceled,’ but I want to assure you that tonight’s finale is exactly the ending we’ve had planned from the very beginning.  I’ve also stated that if there was going to be more story, it would not be part of Heroes Reborn, but rather some future volume with a brand new story.  Let me just say clearly for the record — the ‘Heroes’ universe is designed to be large and multi-platformed. […]

I think you will see that tonight’s final episode clearly leaves the door open for us to tell more stories within the Heroes saga.  We would be honored if you came along for that ride with us when we do.  Until then I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the many fans of Heroes and Heroes Reborn for your loyal and unwavering support.  Stay tuned.  There is more to come.

Emperor to Kring’s Vader, so corroborates Bob Greenblatt:

The show this fall was always envisioned as a 13-episode limited series, which comes to an exciting conclusion tonight … And the door remains open for future installments of this beloved series from creator/executive producer Tim Kring.

In the meantime, you can brave the conclusion of Heroes Reborn tonight (or another team of more recognizable heroes), and sleep in terrible, terrible fear.

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