With the new season of "Heroes" set to debut next month, ComicsAlliance talked to actor Greg Grunberg, who plays psychic detective Matt Parkman, about the controversial twists and turns the series has taken in recent years, and where it's heading next.

"With a show like 'Heroes,' the first season is a discovery process for the audience and for the characters," said Grunberg." To get that wow factor back is really a tough thing, so in the second season they tried something completely new. It didn't work for a lot of people, where everyone was a superhero and they opened up the gates to the asylum and all the crazies came out."

While the show has always focused on the mythology of superheroes, Grunberg says the problem is that "it became very unrelatable -- everybody had their chest puffed out; everybody was sort of superhero-ish. And you're like, 'I don't understand! He's just a cop, [and] he's just a nurse, really -- how does he know how to fire an automatic weapon in the middle of the jungle?'"

Grunberg credited writer Bryan Fuller for the new direction of the next season where Grunberg says the show will be "getting back to the character aspects of the show. It's not the end of the world in every episode. It's more their lives and how they're being affected by it."

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