On sale this week from BOOM! Studios is Higher Earth #2, continuing the new ongoing series by Sam Humphries (Sacrifice, Ultimate Comics: Ultimates) and Francesco Biagini (Elric: The Balance Lost). The book, whose first two issues have sold out at the distributor level, is a sci-fi revenge tale set across multiple Earths whose citizens serve at the pleasure of a "Higher Earth" whose rulers have conquered numerous alternates in different parallel universes. Issue #1 took place on a planet of junk, where Rex picked up Heidi, a young woman who had no idea there was more to life than garbage falling out of the sky. Issue #2 depicts what happens when Heidi is introduced to an entirely new world, and you can read the first nine pages below. We've also got covers by Trevor Hairsine, Phil Noto, Frazer Irving and Michael Golden.

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