On sale now from BOOM! Studios is Higher Earth #1, beginning a new ongoing series from writer Sam Humphries (Ultimate Comics Ultimates, Our Love Is Real) and artist Francesco Biagini (Elric: The Balance Lost). The story is set across multiple Earths whose citizens serve (whether they know it or not) at the pleasure of a Higher Earth that's conquered over a hundred of its alternates in different universes. The first issue introduces Rex and Heidi, who traverse this multiverse on a violent quest for revenge against an as yet unrevealed adversary. Below you will find a first look at seven pages from issue #1, along with a gallery of handsome variant covers by Joe Benitez, Phil Noto, Frazer Irving, David Aja, Stephanie Gonzaga, Michael Golden and Sanford Greene.Higher Earth opens with an Incal-invoking shot of the series' enigmatic hero, Rex, falling onto the surface of a planet of junk. It's just one world in the Higher Earth empire, dedicated entirely to refuse. There Rex picks up Heidi, who has no idea that there's anything more to existence than garbage falling out of the sky. Future issues promise to reveal more of the intricacies of the Higher Earth multiverse, but BOOM! is hyping this series as a true revenge thriller.

Here's your first read of the first seven pages of Higher Earth #1, followed by the many variant covers BOOM! has commissioned to draw attention to the ambitious new book.

Higher Earth #1 is on sale for $1.00 in U.S. comic book stores and digitally via comiXology.

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