Speculation has been swirling ever since the San Diego Comic-Con schedule builder teased that the Marvel video game panel on July 14 would include "an announcement from Activision and High Moon Studios that is sure to be a hit!" Turns out whoever wrote that event copy had a penchant for puns as the sleuths at iFanboy have uncovered Hitmonkeygame.com, a new site promoting a game based on Daniel Way and Dalibor Taljic's Hit-Monkey. Its tagline? "$#.! Just Got Bananas."Little is know about the game aside from its pending 2013 release date (though the game's pending rating suggests it'll include content not suitable for children), but that's sure to change during the Marvel video game panel next week. Hit-Monkey did most of his adventuring in 2010 in a debut one-shot, the pages of Way's Deadpool #19-22, and later in his own three-issue miniseries. Readers can currently find all of these issues for $1.99 on ComiXology and in assorted trade paperbacks.

UPDATE: The site was, indeed, a ruse. There is going to be a Deadpool game, though.

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