Power Rangers: From Mighty Morphin To Lost Galaxy

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Price: $219.95

I realize that this is a very specific problem that many people who don't work for ComicsAlliance don't have, but if you need a gift that will impress CA editor Caleb Goellner into letting you slide on a few deadlines, this is exactly what you need to buy.

Of course, I imagine it also works for anyone else who loves the Power Rangers, suffers from acute '90s nostalgia, or has the urge to watch over a hundred hours of imported super-sentai television.The box set spans the first seven seasons of the Power Rangers franchise, which means that that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover from season 6 is out just in time for me to find out that it is a thing that exists. Plus, you get this little gem from season 7 that sounds like the weirdest thing I've ever even heard of:

Mean Wheels Mantis

A motorcycle riding Mantis captures Maya and Kendrix. The other Rangers must defeat him in a race to get them back, but the Astro Cycles aren't fast enough. By communicating with the Lion Galactabeast, Leo is able to transform his cycle into the Capsular Cycle, defeat the Mantis, and save the girls.

There's also a set of bonus discs with rarities and specials that were released direct to VHS back in the day, including the live arena show and the truly amazing/awful Alpha's Magical Christmas. Plus, there's an action figure.

Truly, it is the gift for the Teenager With Attitude in all of us.

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