Adventure Time Wallets

Available From: Gallery Nucleus

Price: $14.95

If there's one thing I've learned in my time as a professional comic book and pop culture critic, it's that a love of cartoons for children and phat stacks of ca$h money go hand-in-hand. But how, how can you combine these two interests at all times? Simple! By storing your Benjamins and/or Hamiltons in a nifty, beautifully designed wallet based on Adventure Time!The wallets were produced as part of Gallery Nucleus's big Adventure Time exhibition last year, and while the design by AT creator Pendleton Ward is predictably out of stock, there are still three pretty awesome designs in stock. I'm pretty partial to the one depicting Fionna and Cake's battle against the Ice Queen by Jon Virmilyea, but the other, more Candy Kingdom-focused ones are pretty neat too.

Just make sure the recipient promises not to say "What time is it? MONEY TIME!" more than once a week, otherwise this gift could get pretty problematic.

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