Classy Lady Like You Will Love The Smell Of My Butt

Available From: TopatoCo

Price: $6.00

Holiday shopping can get pretty expensive if you've got a lot of loved ones to buy gifts for. Heck, it's gotten pretty expensive for me, and I literally only have enemies and assorted cretins on my list. As a result, it's tempting to go a little cheap for a few gifts, but the last thing you want to give someone is a gift that says "I care about you, but only to the extent that I will spend less than $10."

Obviously, you need a gift that's both cheap and awesome, which is where David Malki!'s new Wondermark pocket book comes in.In addition to a truly amazing title and the typical great design, Classy Lady includes 86 black-and-white pages of animal-themed strips from Malki!'s Wondermark comic. As a result, it hits a huge cross-section of potential giftees: Animal lovers, webcomic readers, people who are super into tiny books, comedy fans, and even people who just like seeing book illustrations repurposed into hilarious jokes.

And at six bucks (or just over $10 with shipping, in my case), it's cheap enough to make a great stocking-stuffer. Heck, if you're picking up more stuff from TopatoCo (which is a solid bet this Christmas), you can probably throw this thing in without even noticing the extra charge. Get a bunch of 'em!

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