The CollegeHumor illustrator known for such features as The X-Men Guide To Puberty, Superhero Sex Moves and What If Superheroes Were Hipsters?, Caldwell Tanner is a reliably funny cartoonist who, like your ComicsAlliance staff, has a big soft spot for dogs (we cannot testify to his estimation of other humans -- we think you can guess ours). As part of the Sidekicks series of animal rescue advocacy shorts, tanner details not just his history with and affection for dogs, but also why they are uniquely fascinating to draw and what role The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy had in Tanner's adoption of his pet and muse, Harriet.

The Sidekick Series is very simply a video campaign designed to demonstrate the benefits of animal rescue to those who may wish to add a dog or cat to their home or family. Tanner's is just one of several touching (and very well produced) short documentaries that depicts very accurately the joys (and occasional frustrations) of owning a pet. Each Sidekick story includes information on where the subjects found their animals, but are so far limited to the New York City area. If you live elsewhere but wish to learn more about animal rescue and adoption in your neighborhood, Petfinder is a national resource that will tell you everything you need to know.

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