Dedicated ComicsAlliance readers will remember our post spotlighting the brilliant work of Caldwell Tanner, who asked What if Superheroes were Hipsters? In a series of hilarious portraits that we will say again do not resemble the ComicsAlliance staff in any way, Tanner reimagined Aquaman as a v-neck wearing beardo, Batman as am obnoxious RAGEQUITTING Tweeter, Iron Man in Pabst Blue Ribbin armor and much more.

Tanner and the fine folks at CollegeHumor have taken the novel superhero hipster concept to its next logical step: animation. Predictably the results are very funny and somehow totally realistic despite being about fictional characters. The video also introduces some new hipsterized versions of heroes including the Martian Manhunter, Thor, the Invisible Woman, Wolverine and Beast, plus preppie versions of Juggernaut and Mystique!

Check out the clip after the jump.

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