Video: College Humor's "Badman" moves on from blowing his secret identity to revealing his darkest fears to Scarecrow. [CH]

Interviews: Mark Walters has posted what could be one of the final interviews with Joe Kubert, in which the artist discusses the importance of storytelling, his love for his sons Andy and Adam, and more. [BigFanBoy]

Toys: It appears Play Imaginative is releasing a "special edition" of its Super Alloy Batman figure, which is slightly more affordable than its predecessor. [Tomopop]

TV: Torchwood star John Barrowman has signed up for an unspecified ongoing role on The CW's Arrow. You know, if you dropped the "B" from his last name, dude is totally John Arrowman. [EW]

Art: Japan's Giant Gundam may have been dismantled, but a giant Gunpla box has since been constructed to help fill the void left in its wake. [Cybergundam]

Commentary: Blogger Arturo R. García points to a recent Twitter discussion with Mark Waid about the character of Superman as a solid interaction between fan and creator regarding social issues in comics. [Racialicious]

Toys: The "One Piece Gomu Gomu no Balloon" piggybank you never knew you couldn't live without will become available in Japan soon from Media Factory. [Crunchyroll]

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