The Money Laundering Bag

Available From: TopatoCo

Price: $19.00

I don't know about you guys, but one of my greatest complaints about daily life is that I don't look as much like a cartoon criminal as I think I should. Fortunately for this little aspect of the (non-animated) human condition, Dinosaur Comics creator Ryan North has remedied this situation in a way that's slightly less likely to get you shot than walking around wearing a domino mask and striped pajamas.Admittedly, $20 is a pretty steep price to pay for what essentially amounts to a canvas laundry bag with a screenprinted dollar sign on it, but we both know that your Scrooge McDuck costume at the next San Diego Comic-Con just isn't going to look complete without it. Besides, actually using it to store large quantities of cash in a clearly labeled, easily transported container is probably safer than putting it in the stock market.

Plus, if you fill it with loose change, it makes a dandy home defense system! It's a win-win!