The Beartato Tot Squishable Mini-Plush

Available From: TopatoCo

Price: $19.00

Let's face it, every now and then we all need a hug. And what better to hug than a rotund (and accurate) real-life version of Beartato, the star of Anthony Clark's Nedroid comic? Just look at him! Those stubby little arms were made for stubby little hugs!The one listed above is the Beartato Tot model, so named because it's the smaller of the two available huggable Beartati. For $39, you could pick up the full-sized version (clocking in at 15" in diameter) for even larger hugs.

Sadly, while Huggable Beartato is a pretty amazing idea, Get-Away-From-Me Reginald has yet to be released.

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