The Mass Effect N7 Elite Armor Stripe Hoodie

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Price: $74

As we've already established in this year's gift guide, t-shirts give you the perfect opportunity to express your pop culture obsessions without the hassle of talking to other people. But what about these cold winter months, when walking around with your t-shirt on display is at best uncomfortable, and at worst the leading cause of illnesses that can keep you too sick to enjoy video games?! What then?!

Fortunately, the good people at BioWare have the answer with the Mass Effect N7 Armor Stripe Hoodie!The eighty dollar price tag might be a little expensive, but it's a pretty cool piece of outerwear for any fan of the Mass Effect video games or the comic book tie-ins from Dark Horse. Even though it's pattered after the distinctive armor worn by Commander Shepard -- the first human Spectre who saved the galaxy twice in the 22nd century -- the design on the hoodie is actually pretty subtle. The overall effect is something that doesn't necessarily scream "I LOVE VIDEO GAMES," but since I tend to do that myself at every opportunity, that's not really a problem.

If the hoodie's a little out of your price range, don't fret: You can keep yourself warm by sipping hot chocolate, coffee, or omni-gel from an N7 mug that'll only set you back $12:

Put 'em both together, and you've got the perfect items to satisfy your need for Mass Effect, right up until the release of Mass Effect 3 next spring!

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