This week's issue of "The New Yorker" features a profile on Nikki Finke, the much-feared Deadline Hollywood blogger who has Hollywood suits running scared. And, like many issues of the magazine, the article features a nifty drawing of Finke by indie comix legend Jaime Hernandez. (Next to a poorly-drawn cartoon set in a psychiatrist's office and/or on a desert island no doubt. Hey, it is "The New Yorker.")

Who wouldn't be excited to be drawn by Jaime Hernandez? Well, Finke apparently, if her long, nasty post about the piece is any indication. The "scourge of Tinseltown" goes into great detail about how she played writer Tad Friend and "New Yorker" editor David Remnick like a fiddle without ever once mentioning who drew the excellent spot illustration used in the profile.

Of course Finke isn't a "Love and Rockets" fan -- as readers of Deadline Hollywood know, she doesn't "do geek." In fact, she had to point that out on every post about the 2009 Comic-Con.Finke's aversion to geek news is odd, considering the draw comic book movies, "Twilight," and the like are at the box office these days. And though she actively displays a near Panettiere-level of disdain for geek culture, Finke has broken a great number of major comic book movie stories, such as the casting of Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Isn't it about time Nikki Finke "did geek"? Or, at the very least, gave props to great artists like Jaime Hernandez?

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