Cartoonist and all-round Comics Legend Gilbert Hernandez announced a new single-issue project with Fantagraphics on his twitter account this week, in the form of the black and white anthology Blubber. The Love and Rockets co-creator described the project as "not for the squeamish," and demonstrated his point by sharing the below page of.... a penguin farting through the air before having painful diarrhea.

Please trust me when I say that is in no way an exaggeration of what is going on... and you're going to see it if you scroll any further down this page.

Still here? Brave soul.




Blubber will feature six weird and largely wordless Hernandez stories, and the chance to see him lean full tilt into his own eccentricities is going to be irresistible to a lot of readers --- even when those stories feature pooey penguin farts.

Fantagraphics provided us with the full solicitation, and the cover that you see above:


by Gilbert Hernandez
$3.99 / Comic / 24 pgs / BW / 6.5 x 10
What's this? An all-new, stand-alone, one-shot comic book from one of our greatest living cartoonists? Christmas has come early! Featuring six mostly wordless, thoroughly surreal adventures featuring a cast of misfits, monsters, and anthropomorphs that could only spring from the id of the great Hernandez, last year's Eisner Award winner for "Best Short Story"!


While on a social media roll, Hernandez also shared the cover for the next issue of the hugely popular Love and Rockets series, which'll be number #8 and is expected later in the year.



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