Three issues' worth of questions and mysteries will (hopefully) reach some conclusions when the fourth and final issue of Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke's The Twilight Children is released this Wednesday, January 27, and we have an exclusive preview.

The Twilight Children tells the story of strange goings-on in a small beach town. There are weird glowing orbs, blind children with peculiar insights, and a couple of characters who might be aliens. At the center of it all is Felix, a young scientist, Tito, a woman who always gets what she wants, and of course Ela, a mysterious girl who very likely isn't from this world.

Ela doesn't appear in the preview pages, but her importance is underlined by the presence of another mysterious figure, a bald man with an unnerving smile, who's looking to find Ela and take her away. We don't get to see the credentials he shows the town's sheriff and doctor (although hopefully we will later in the issue), but it's clear that some kind of confrontation is imminent.

Twilight Children boasts one of the most impressive creative teams in comics today, with a script by Gilbert Hernandez, best known for Love & Rockets, and art from Darwyn Cooke, of DC: The New Frontier fame, plus colors by industry veteran Dave Stewart. Hernandez and Cooke conceived of the series together, and it lives up to their dream team status.



Here's the official synopsis from Vertigo:


The mysteries of Ela and the elusive orbs converge to create a bigger conundrum in the conclusion of THE TWILIGHT CHILDREN. The young scientist Felix, the town’s sheriff, the local doctor and the rest of the cast involved in this adventure come to understand the seriousness of the danger threatening the town, and possibly the entire planet, if someone doesn’t do something fast. Ela is the only hope, and she perhaps must sacrifice what she’s come to love the most.