Patton Oswalt Ragequits DC Comics Following Encounter With ‘New 52′ Survey Worker
Popular comedian, noted comics evangelist and occasional comic book writer Patton Oswalt has purchased his last book from DC Comics following an unpleasant encounter with a survey worker hired by the publisher. On his Twitter feed, Oswalt described being accosted at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, California by a man from the Nielsen Company, whom DC has commissioned to conduct market research with
Keane Act Repealed, Superhero Panhandlers Free to Menace Tourists
A U.S. Judge blocked this week a police crackdown on the costumed performers who populate Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. For years, street actors have earned a living on tips from tourists who wish to be photographed with Superman, Spider-Man, Jack Sparrow, the Incredible Hulk, Marilyn Monroe and other pop culture icons...
Cosplayers Attempt To Break ‘Most Heroes’ World Record In Hollywood
If you notice a large gathering of costumed superheroes in Los Angeles tomorrow, don't worry -- Galactus isn't about to attack. On Friday, August 27th, fans will don their spandex and capes in Hollywood in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most people dressed in superhero costumes in one place at the same time...