If you notice a large gathering of costumed superheroes in Los Angeles tomorrow, don't worry -- Galactus isn't about to attack. On Friday, August 27th, fans will don their spandex and capes in Hollywood in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most people dressed in superhero costumes in one place at the same time. Should they succeed, this might go down as the greatest Guinness World Record of all time, a title previously held (in our hearts at least) by "most balloon sculptures made in an hour."The brave geeks will try to top the previous record (1,245 costumed folks) set in Melbourne, Australia back in May. Organizers have taken to Craigslist (the premiere site for all your Flash Mob and futon-purchasing needs) to put out the call to assemble to all available cosplayers. As the posting on Yelp states, fans of all ages are encouraged to, "Bring your kids, parents, and even Grandma Betty and dress up as Superman, Batman, or even Captain Planet but the point is: DRESS AS A SUPERHERO!" (If you can get your grandmother to dress up as Captain Planet, you definitely deserve some kind of award.)

It's interesting that LA would be chosen for the stunt, considering the recent crackdown on costumed performers who pose for photos with tourists on Hollywood Boulevard. Tensions between the LAPD and the crazy people aspiring actors who entertain the masses for tips came to a boiling point back in June, when Scooby Doo, Catwoman, and several other characters were dragged away in handcuffs in a move that no doubt left lasting scars on the psyches of onlooking children. Could a Guinness World Record make the Walk of Fame safe once again for costumed do-gooders? Or should the fans in attendance be prepared for some tasings from the fuzz?

Check out info on the event after the jump. (You can also see photos from the Melbourne gathering here. ) But be warned: anyone arriving after 1pm will not be counted towards the world record. Though if you play your cards right, you might score a couple bucks from tourists.

Hollywood Superhero World Record Attempt

Melbourne, Australia holds the current world record of most people dressed in superhero costumes, in one place at one time.

Los Angeles, Ca plans to top Australia's record of 1245 people on August 27, 2010.

In just eleven days, the intersection of Hollywood and Highland will be filled with hundreds upon hundreds of costumed characters. We want YOU to be there!

Come in costume as your favorite superhero or character and remember it is welcome to families and kids too!

The more people attending the better the chances of stealing Australia's title!

Arrive between 12:30 PM - 12:45 PM at the intersection of Hollywood & Highland IN COSTUME on August 27. Anyone arriving after 1:00 PM will not be counted as a part of the World Record attempt.

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