Kenny Keil is one of our long-time favorite artists here at ComicsAlliance.  He first grabbed our attention a few years ago, when he published a series of drawings mashing up superheroes and classic Hip-Hop album covers to incredible effect, and since then, he's gone on to co-create and illustrate the all-ages sci-fi/rap comic Rhyme Travelers, provided the art for Big Boi's Mash-Up Mondays series of releases, become one of Mad Magazine's "Usual Gang Of Idiots", and been a regular contributor to our series of "Celebrating Comics History" posts.

And recently, he's once again melded the iconography of music and comics in creative and unusual fashion, and begun to release a new series of images that casts comic and cartoon characters in a giant dance-off, taking famous moves and routines and pairing them with appropriate heroes and villains (with plenty of in-jokes along the way for continuity and pop music fans) – some are single panels, some are sequential, some are delivered in animated gif form for maximum comedic effect, and all are wildly entertaining.  The full ongoing series can be viewed on Keil's tumblr, but we've decided to showcase a few of our favorites, and provide some annotations for good measure!


Black Lightning doing The Wop.
Thor doing The Shmjolnir Dance (AKA The Shmoney Dance).
Storm doing The Thunderclap.
The Flash doing The Running Man.
Groot and Rocket doing The Kid 'n Play dance.
Blue Superman doing "The Kryp Walk".
The Thing doing The Rockaway. (Lean back.)



For more funky fun, check out Kenny Keil on Tumblr and Twitter.