Records: London costume store Escapade Fancy Dress recruited 400 college students to dress up as Spider-Man and break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as the hero. [The Escapist]



Giveaways: Bandai is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball with a giveaway of some exclusive swag via ticket sales at Japanese convenience store. [Crunchyroll]



Music: Southern Bastards artist Jason Latour has put together a pretty dadgum fantastic playlist of music to go along with the first volume of the book. [Facebook]


Animation: Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward has quietly stepped down as showrunner, he said in an interview. [Nerdist]


Television: In advance of tonight's premiere episode, here's one last promo for The CW's The Flash series. [ComicBookMovie]


Movies: Word is that the upcoming Deadpool movie will tie into the X-Men movie universe. [Collider]

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