After a week of tiny teases, Hot Toys has finally revealed its new figures for Warner Brothers' upcoming action flick, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. As expected, there's a Batman and a Superman, but anyone holding out hope for a glimpse at Wonder Woman will be sorely disappointed. Then again, if you've been waiting for a new Superman or Batman figure from Hot Toys, you might be disappointed by these anyway. Unless you're looking for really expensive figures that don't really look all the great.

Last I checked, Henry Cavill was starring as Superman. Apparently Hot Toys didn't get the message. This new Man of Steel figure looks markedly worse than the previously released version from Zack Snyder's last film. Obviously it's early and the prototype may change before release, but this thing is shockingly off target. The company's made some strides in capturing likenesses as of late, but it's a major bummer that Superman looks more like a police sketch artist's version of Henry Cavill than it does the actual human being.

Now, Batman on the other hand certainly looks like the Ben Affleck version of the character... from the neck up. I'm not entirely sure what's happening beneath that cowl, but it looks like someone stuffed a garbage bag with pillows and called it a batsuit. It's comically thick. That might be accurate to the silver screen interpretation, but in execution as a toy, it looks absolutely ridiculous. That head is on point though, and will include three different mouths and pairs of eyes to create some different looks. I'm not sure why there isn't a PERS (parallel eye-rolling system) in place rather than replaceable eyes, but it is what it is. If you can get past that awful body design, you can probably deal with the eye thing.

On the accessorization front, Superman comes in a little light. There are a few different hands to go around, and the special edition includes a light-up Kryptonite piece. It suits the character just fine, but would it have killed Hot Toys to potentially include some heat vision eye blasts? Batman fares a bit better, coming with multiple hands, some batarangs, some kind of Bat-ice pick thingy, a grenade launcher and a grappling gun. If you get the special edition, you'll also get a sniper rifle. You know, his most trusted of weapons that he used that one time in that one story that this movie totally isn't cribbing from.

Both figures also include a special display stand, which is actually pretty damn nice. There's a flip out BvS logo plate in there, which makes the display really pop. Ordering the set will also get you a special Batman Tech Cowl to display, but it isn't meant to be worn by Batman. It's just a little in-scale helmet to put on the shelf next to the figures. It's coolness factor is yet to be determined since we haven't seen how that gadget plays into the film.

In addition to the two figures, Hot Toys also teased the new Batmobile in a short video. The figures and the car will make their debut this weekend at Toy Soul. It certainly has a lot of bells and whistles. It's cool that Hot Toys is making stuff like this, but given the pricing of previous sixth-scale vehicles and all the things the Batmobile can do based on the video below, there's no way this thing will remotely be considered in the realm of affordable.

The armored Batman should be at the convention this weekend as well, but there's still no word on when Gal Gadot's Amazonian warrior will make an appearance. No pre-order details are available, but we'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles has more information.


Hey Batman fans, you have seen the photos and now we are delighted to show you a video of Hot Toys’ Batman v Superman:...

Posted by Hot Toys on Monday, December 14, 2015


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