The only real downside to all of these Marvel movies is the number of Hot Toys figures we're supposed to try and keep up with. With one or two major Avenger movies per year, Hot Toys has been able to pump out the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and more with regularity. While that's good for Hot Toys and fans with a tremendous amount of expendable income, it's not easy on the wallet for the rest of us. I mean, it feels like just yesterday Hot Toys announced a Captain America: Civil War Captain America, and there's already a new version announced.

Though Cap has had his fair share of expensive action figures, the Scarlet Witch is still new enough to the process that her second figure in a calendar year doesn't feel too pushy. Perhaps it's the dramatic difference between her first figure from Age of Ultron and this New Avengers-styled interpretation, but it feels right to get another Scarlet Witch for this movie. That, and the reworked paint app for the head sculpt has done wonders for its likeness accuracy.

There's a lot to like about the new Scarlet Witch beyond that portrait. The tailoring on her Avengers gear is superb, and a dramatic improvement over her previous LBD and red leather jacket combo. Sure, it's hard to get nice clothes when you're being kept as an experiment in a war-torn country, but coming to the Avengers has done wonders for Wanda's wardrobe.

It's not all sunshine and happiness though, as this figure reuses a lot of assets from the last Scarlet Witch, albeit ever so slightly tweaked. The head sculpt gets a new paint app that makes her look less like a Hot Topic bargain bin hunter, and she gets an all-new hairdo. Will that curly hair be any easier to manage than her messy look from AOU? Probably not, but at least it doesn't look like a tangled mess. Scarlet Witch comes with the same "magic" accessories as before, but this time she also comes with fewer conjuring hands. The molds though still bring a bit of translucency to make it look like she's really capable of slinging hex magic or whatever she has in the MCU.

Oh Captain, my Captain. Even as one of the biggest Captain America fans, I just can't see how Hot Toys can justify this figure in the Civil War line. The only differences with the figure and the other Captain America: Civil War Captain America are a dirtied suit and a scratched up shield. You don't get the additional replacement jaws with this iteration, but you do still get the unhelmeted Steve Rogers head. Rather than the standard base, this Cap comes with a diorama base... which is just retooled from Hot Toys' own Panzer Cop figure. It's shocking how little "new" there is about this version that Hot Toys will likely charge more for because of the "extras" like a Crossbones helmet for display.

At least the three Captain America figures that were part of the Captain America: Winter Soldier line had the decency to be completely different figures.

No word on pricing or a release date for either figure just yet, but we'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles has more details.

Update: Scarlet Witch is available for pre-order for $224.99, and is due out in Q3. Battling Captain America is also available for $224.99 and will also be out in Q3.


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