Falcon is the man. Dude gets some serious chiding about his running from a superhero hopped up on TRT, HGH and any number of other substances deemed illegal for use by the Olympics, the USADA, the NSAC, the Sokovia Accords and people who think sports were better when people didn't have to wear helmets. And for what? Because he couldn't keep up with a morning jog? It was basically the Marvel movie version of "Do you even lift bro?" Yet Sam Wilson still opened his door to Steve Rogers when he needed a place to crash, and even helped him overthrow a HYDRA insurgency within SHIELD in spite of how rude Captain America was to him. Falcon is the man.

While he's gotten a figure from Hot Toys before, this latest version is much closer to the comic character we've all come to know and love since his arrival decades ago. The more realistic, militarized version worked well for a debut in Captain America: The Winter Solider, but the revamped model with red highlights helps separate him from the drab gunmetal of enlisted characters like War Machine. While it's not quite as rocking as his current comic look, the Captain America: Civil War Falcon still manages to have a signature look that gives him a bit more personality on the crowded battlefield.

From the neck up, this new Falcon isn't all that different. The head sculpt is identical to the previous iteration, though Hot Toys has given it a new paint job. Like many of the company's recent releases, this figure looks like Anthony Mackie from certain angles, but doesn't quite capture him completely. It's the eyes. They just don't look quite right, but when you drop the goggles down, the portrait does look much better.

Elsewhere though, this figure is a pretty spectacular toy. The wings get the biggest upgrade from the previous release, adding in new articulation, design aspects and a cooler paint app. What's more, the pack itself also features a removable Red Wing drone, which you can have accompany Falcon on his many adventures. I love the new costume, which has evolved naturally from the paratrooper stylings into something more befitting a hero in the Avengers, even it is the B-team. The metallic red works well with the deep gray tones, and the little red and white portion on the chest plate echoes Cap's own striping quite well.

No word on a price or release date just yet, but we'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles has more details.

Update: Falcon is now available for pre-order for $234.99 and is expected to arrive around Q4 this year.


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