A fervent bunch, Deadpool fans don't particularly need to much reason to buy any of the mercenary's merchandise. Wade Wilson's fans show a devotion that's intense and impressive, while also being sometimes a bit weird. That suits though given Deadpool's own predilection for living right on the fringe of strangeness. For these folks, the new Hot Toys Deadpool Cosbaby collection is a no-brainer. I'll admit, even for someone who isn't all about the chimichangas, these these are so damn cute, it's hard not to start throwing money at the screen myself.

Five different figures are being produced for this line, which is based on the film version of everyone's favorite mouthy mutant. Two figures will be available on their own, with one featuring Deadpool holding some swords and the other giving that classic Deadpool thumbs up and point gesture. You know, the one where he looks right at you and makes a joke about the absurdity of his current situation. It lets you know he knows you're in on gag.

For my money though, the three figures exclusive to the box set are where it's at. You get a different swordy stance, you get a heart-emoji gesture figure, and you get the Kevin McCallister. The Home Alone scream is arguably one of the most recognizable expressions in the history of human civilization --- even when it's mostly obscured by a red and black mask. It's adorable regardless of whether or not the person making the expression is a cold-blooded murder machine.

All five figures come in at around 3.75" tall, which makes them fairly perfect for your desk. Plus, there's no blood, dismemberment or cursing involved, so you can actually has a SFW version of Deadpool at your job. The sculpts look great, and are much more emotive than the previously released Age of Ultron and Batman V Superman ones, and Deadpool doesn't even have a visible face. Sometimes when tasked with making things interesting with the fewest available features, true action figure magic can happen.

No release date or pricing has been announced just yet, but we'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles has the details. Previously released Cosbaby figures have come out at ~$15-20 each so it's likely Deadpool here will follow suit.



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