The Dark Knight Rises arrives in theaters on July 20, but those simply longing to see Tom Hardy's Bane surf a camo Tumbler can celebrate early with the reveal of new 1/6 scale action figures from Hot Toys. That's right, Bane and his presumed version of Batman's Tumbler are getting the Hot Toys treatment, and all the trimmings that go along with it. Bane's a pretty spartan dude, so he comes with a moderate amount of accessories such as swappable hands and some extra garb. The Hallmark of his assembled parts for most fans, however, is his shattered Batmask as seen in the TDKR trailer. The Tumbler (does anyone else always want to spell it "Tumblr" these days? Thanks a lot social media!) on the other hand, seems to essentially be a repaint of HT's earlier The Dark Knight model, although it may come with some TDKR-specific modifications. Pricing info for the toys hasn't manifested just yet, but Bane will probably fall in the neighborhood of $250-300, with the Camo Tumbler sitting at around $450 or so, given the previously Tumbler retails for about that. Take a look at all the Hot Toys Bane and Tumbler goodness after the jump.

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Camo Tumbler

Various Hot Toys Batvehicles Assembled for Scale