Hot Toys is giving its 1/6 scale Batpod a facelift in honor of this summer's release of The Dark Knight Rises. Product images appear to be repurposed shots promoting the original Batpod's launch from a few years back, with new The Dark Knight Rises graphics and a more comprehensively silver paint job on the crash-prone cycle's various fixtures. Hot Toys hasn't announced plans to create a Catwoman figure yet, but given their prolific Bat movie releases, it seems likely that a version of Anne Hathaway's character could be available down the road to share in the Batpoddery. The new Batpod is expected out in November with a price tag floating around $255 at some preorder sites, making it a better deal than the previous version that's available for $295 via DC Collectibles and higher on eBay. Take a look at the new Hot Toys Batpod after the cut.

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[Via Hot Toys]

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