Courtesy of DC Comics, ComicsAlliance brings you an exclusive first look at Guillem March's cover for The Huntress #2. On sale in November and featuring a script by Paul Levitz with interior artwork by Marcos To and John Dell, the issue continues the story of the Huntress in Italy, where she attempts to discover who put a price on her head and why.With issue #1 not on sale until October, very little is known about this new Huntress title. Writer Paul Levitz co-created a version of the character in the 1970s who was the daughter of Batman and Catwoman on an alternate Earth, but the Huntress best known to modern readers is Helena Bertinelli, the child of a mafia family whose murder prompts her to become the Gotham City vigilante Huntress. It's that character who stars in the new miniseries, and it appears she will be following those mafia roots back to Italy. Promotional materials for Huntress #1 indicate Helena will find herself the subject of the biggest bounty in "the history of the DC Universe," which sounds awfully impressive until you remember that the DC Universe will be just one-month-old in October. In any event, we're pleased to see this great character return in a solo title.

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Click here to see all Batman titles on sale in October.

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