There's already an Ultra Combo's worth of fine Street Fighter artwork out there in the world, both in Udon's SF comics and the textured brushwork look Capcom went for in their "Street Fighter 4" games. Brazilian artist Samuel Cazetta Arlindo humanized a few of the games' cast members, however, and his Ryu and Dhalsim are absolutely vicious-looking.

He didn't stick with the World Warriors either; "Cazetta," as he's known on deviantART, went a few steps further and applied similar skin enhancements to Dr. Gero and Android 19 of "Dragon Ball" fame. He's got a great eye for digital touchups, and he even nails the details on Abel's face and the the wrinkles on Gouken.

In fact, if Jill Greenberg were ever to photograph Dudley and Sagat for the cover of Time or The Atlantic (assuming they were real people), she'd probably produce something similar. Take a look at the Cazetta portraits that wowed us the most below and try to disagree.