A sketchbook-and-how-to-draw-comics guide that, in the words of its creators, "helps you to be awesome" sounds like... well, an awesome idea, doesn't it? No wonder, then, that the Kickstarter to fund I Draw Comics has reached almost twice its goal within two days of launching.The project is the result of a collaboration between industrial designer Matt Marrocco and childhood friend (Not to mention, Scarlet Spider and Fantastic Four artist) Ryan Stegman.

The sketchbook itself will feature 100+ "sketching templates" alongside examples of the templates in use from Stegman, all contained within what the makers are calling "a ubiquitous and iconic moleskin sketchbook form."

Those who pledge $25 or more to the Kickstarter will receive the sketchbook, reference guide and pen, with other reward levels including vinyl decals, sketches inside your copy by Stegman and more. For those going all-out, $300 will buy you an hour of private portfolio advice from Stegman. There's also a few even higher-end rewards built with retailers and educators in mind.

So far, the project has more than 400 backers, and almost $20,000 raised. With four weeks left to run, the successful project is already considering stretch goals.

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