Despite my affection for holiday anthologies, 2009 did not work out well for those particular reading habits. A few missed Wednesdays at the comic shop resulted in me missing nearly every holiday special, including "The House of Mystery Halloween Annual" from Vertigo and its 8-Page prequel to May's ongoing "I, Zombie." Fortunately, the publisher's made that particular tale available to read over at the Graphic Content Blog.

Written by Chris Roberson with art by Mike Allred, the short introduces readers to key members of the book's cast through tricking and treating the contemporary monster way.

Readers can get acquainted with protagonist (and nice zombie) Gwen, along with her ghostly and, well, werewolfy friends as they encounter a decidedly less friendly man from the supernatural sphere.

It's possible this story could also see recollection as part of a trade paper back down the road, but I'm not going to risk it. Today, I make up for lost time - even if its unfashionably late on my end.

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