Listen, the last week of comics was a little overwhelming, so you could be forgiven if you missed out on a few of the details that slipped through the cracks. I mean, we were all so busy talking about other things that we sort of missed the fact that Justice League #50 wasn't just a lead-in to DC's big Rebirth event, it was also the finale of Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok's ten-part "Darkseid War" storyline.

So in case you missed it, we thought you might want to know that Darkseid is a baby now. A baby that you can use as a God-power lightning-gun by saying a magic word backwards.



Not since we found out that Ultraman gets his super-powers by crushing up Kryptonite and snorting lines like cocaine has Justice League gotten so weird and ridiculous that it loops back around to being amazing.

The thing is, Baby Darkseid isn't just Baby Darkseid, he's also the child of Earth-3's Superwoman and Lex Luthor, who, unlike the other residents of Earth-3, doesn't have his alignment flipped from evil to good, but is actually way more evil than his regular-universe counterpart. Oh, and he can absorb god power by shooting (or possibly absorbing) lighting from (into?) his face when whoever's holding him shouts "MAZAHS," which is, of course, "SHAZAM" backwards.

And also also, he can turn into grown-up Darkseid with the power of the Anti-Life Equation, and really, while I don't really want to nitpick this story, I have to say that it seems like a pretty big missed opportunity to not have "MAZAHS" be the magic word that turns him from baby into full-grown craggy space god.

As for where Baby Darkseid is going to go from here, I think we can assume that he's probably going to stick around for Rebirth, along with Grail, his daughter who is now serving as his surrogate mother by getting inexplicably naked in a cave.



See you around, Baby Darkseid!