Batgirl has been firing on all cylinders since the creative team of Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr came aboard just over a year ago, and has carved a niche as not only one of the most exciting books published by DC Comics, but as a book that's genuinely representative of the millennial experience. It might just be the amount of Lucha Underground that this particular millennial watches, but the most exciting moment in comics this week came from Batgirl #48, with the team joined by Rob Haynes, Serge LaPointe and Lee Loughridge.

While the issue starts on a romantic note as Barbara Gordon and her current beau Luke Fox, a.k.a. Batwing, share a costumed rooftop picnic, they’re interrupted by Frankie, who lets them know of a disturbance downtown. When they get there, they find the video-game themed villains Co-Op causing a ruckus with their hard light holograms, which are then used to give our heroes a totally awesome luchadore makeover.




We knew that Babs Tarr was excellent at costume design, but Lucha Batgirl and El Hijo del Batwing take it to a whole new level. The peaks of the bat-ears are very reminiscent of WWE’s Sin Cara, while the rest of costumes evokes similar imagery to AAA’s Drago, who, it is important to note, is an actual dragon in the form of a man.

The meat of the issue belongs to an awesome Batgirl/Black Canary team-up that establishes real stakes for Barbara, and a certain level of uncertainty heading into what will no-doubt be a blockbuster fiftieth issue.

With this much boundless creativity every month, Batgirl remains a comic that everyone should be checking out because you literally cannot predict where it’s going to go next.




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